Jawbone Big JAMBOX Review

Jawbone Big Jambox Specifications

Amazon Rating: 4.5/5
Amazon Reviews: 702
Price: $269
Dimensions In Inches (Length x Height x Width): 10.1 x 3.7 x 3.1
Weight (Ounces): 43.2
Minimum Frequency Response: 50
Maximum Frequency Response: 20000
Dock For Apple Devices: No
Remote Control Device Provided: No
Controllable With Phone/Tablet: Yes
No. Of Frequency Drivers: 5

Audio Quality

The Big Jambox is one of the most popular bluetooth speakers, without a doubt. The amount of reviews it generated since it was made available on Amazon is simply tremendous at a current 702 as of the date of this post. There’s a good reason for that.

Firstly, it’s one of the 2 set of portable speakers (the other speaker being the Bose Soundlink) that comes with 5 frequency drivers (1 low, 2 medium and 2 high) which means that it’s able to produce audio whose quality will be further enhanced by the availability of these drivers at various frequency levels. In comparison with this, the other speakers of comparable quality such as the iHome Id50Bzc, JBL Flip, Philips Fidelio DS7700, Soundfreaq SFQ and a couple of others only have 2-4 drivers. It also has a radiator woofer located at the back of this device, which emits a really clear and well-balanced sound.

big jambox in one hand

Size & Measurements

This is so despite the fact that the Jawbone Jambox has a comparatively small size compared to its various other counterparts like the Logitech Wireless Boombox or the Sony RDPX500iP. The Jambox measures 10.1 inches in length, has a height of 3.7 inches and a width of 3.1 inches.

To give you an idea, it’s about 1 1/2 times the size of a grown man’s hand fully stretched out so you can simply carry it around while gripping it with just one hand. Also, it’s the lightest speaker (at 43 ounces) that we’ve come across when compared to other bluetooth speakers that are able to produce sound of a comparable quality. On average, similar speakers would easily weigh 15-20 ounces more. So, if you’re ever concerned with having a speaker that’s light enough to be carried around in your backpack or even your handbag, there’s no better choice than this.

jawbone big jambox color choicesDesign & Looks

In terms of its appearances, you get the option of picking from 3 different colors and textures. The front grille where the sound comes out of has a couple of varying geometric patterns depending on the color that you pick.

For instance, the “graphite hex” edition has diamond-like cutting on its black grille whereby the “red dot” edition basically consists of a red grille with arranged dots. The third design includes a white-colored surface with wave textures on it.

Controls & Connectivity

The 6 main control buttons are positioned on the top of the speaker, 2 of which are for adjusting the volume and another 3 for pausing, playing or skipping songs. The last button has multiple functions to it such as to display the battery life, to pick up or put down calls and more. With regard to its connectivity, there’s a USB port (and a USB cable included) that you can use to attach to a computer or to recharge your speaker and at the side of the speaker, there’s an aux port for connecting any other devices that do not have the Bluetooth function.

There aren’t any Apple docks for this speaker nor is there a remote control device that is specifically provided for you but to be fair, most of the latest models of portable speakers do not come with these as well. The battery life is pretty lasting too and it lasted me about 12 hours before I needed to recharge it. There were a few short breaks in between though, so I would assume that their advertised 10 hours of continuous use is fairly accurate.

Its wireless range is about 10-12 metres if there are no obstructions between the speaker and the controlling device. If there’s a wall standing in between the two devices however, I’d say that the Bluetooth range would be significantly shorter at perhaps 7-8 metres.

jawbone jambox size comparisonVerdict

On the whole, the Big Jambox did really well in my testing. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find any Big Jambox review that doesn’t end with a favorable verdict of it. I’d personally rate it a high 9/10 if not for its price which is a bit on the high side at $269. I would say that a much more reasonable price would be $200 particularly if you were to compare it with the other speakers currently available on the market which has similar features though with a less refined sound quality. Indeed, great alternatives to this would only cost a mere $130 or $140 (Soundfreaq SFQ-02RB or Logitech’s Bluetooth Boombox comes to mind). You could easily be able to afford much more powerful, but wired, options with a $200 budget but that might be an unfair assessment because we’re really looking at wireless speakers here.

Nonetheless, you could justify the purchase if you consider the enhancement in audio quality and the increased portability features to be worth an extra $100 or so. In terms of the overall sound quality, it trumps most other portable speakers with the exception of the Bose Soundlink, which still retains a noticeable edge over it.

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